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Services of collecting of debts


Law Firm Juris has a separate division that specializes in debt collection from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, having for this proven techniques, knowledge and opportunities. We have more than 8 years of successful experience on debt collection in Kaliningrad region and throughout Russia.

We use not only the usual legal techniques (negotiations, filing complaints, courts, bankruptcy), but also effective measures of reputational and informational pressure on the debtor (the so-called PR-support of collection). Such techniques are particularly effective against large and medium-sized companies, as well as against their guiding public persons.


Stages of debt collection

  1. Pre-trial (duration, depending on the terms of the agreement, 20-60 days)
  2. Legal representation in court
  3. Post-trial collection (enforcement proceedings and, if necessary, the bankruptcy of the debtor)


Why should you work with us:

  1. We know perfectly well the Russian legislation and peculiarities of debt collection.
  2. We do everything quickly and avoid the situations when a limitation period for debt collection has passed.
  3. Chances for debt collection are substantially increased because professional debt collectors, whose reward depends on the success of the work, will work on this.
  4. We undertake all reputational risks to ourselves.
  5. We collect your expenses incurred on debt collection.
  6. We help our clients to exclude a creation of indebtedness in the future (receivables management service)


Please send us the documents to collection@ju-ris.com, testifying to debt to your company, and no later than the next business day, our lawyers will tell you how to get your money back.


Сontact person:

Oleg Efimov, Principal


+7 4012 52 46 12




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