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Judicial protection and Arbitration

Lawyers of Law Firm Juris have an experience of protecting the interests in courts of general jurisdiction (Justice of the Peace, district and city courts, regional and territorial courts, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation), arbitration courts (national commercial courts) of all regions of Russia and all judicial instances, including the Supreme Arbitration Court, arbitral tribunals, including the Arbitral tribunal at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A legal defense is a key practice of our law firm.


We offer our clients the following scheme of work:


Reimbursement of costs

The litigation costs incurred in court (payment for legal services, interpreters or translators, state fee, travel expenses, etc.) are recovered within reasonable limits from the defeated party.

Please send us the documents to info@ju-ris.com, testifying to your problem, and within one working day, our lawyers will contact you to solve the problem. Privacy is guaranteed.


Contact person:

Alexander Kushenko, Head of Department of court practice


+7 4012 52 46 14



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