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Registration of a company (LLC) in Kaliningrad


We offer you professional and comprehensive services for Russian company registration in Kaliningrad:

— consultation on the choice of the form of legal entity (LLC, JSC, a public joint-stock company, and others.);
— tax system choice;
— preparation and translation of all necessary documents into any language;
— representation of a client with an English speaking lawyer at the notary public;
— registration of the company in tax authorities;
— opening of bank accounts in any currency;
— preparation of internal documents of the company for the implementation of any business project;
— obtaining necessary licenses and permits;
— trademark and domain registration simultaneously with the registration of the company.


The average cost of services on the company registration in Kaliningrad is 500€. In addition you pay mandatory costs (indicated in bold) and services that you need:

— translation of documents into Russian and the notarial certification;
— state fee for the company registration (about 67€);
— notarial services (not less than 40€);
— an additional copy of the company charter (40€\pc);
— legal address (375€);
— opening of any number of accounts in one bank (100€ + bank rate) with obtaining an e-token for remote maintenance;
— making of company stamp (20€\pc);
— apostilization of the document (50€\document);
— obtaining work permit for a foreign citizen (600€ + costs 225€).
— Russian director for conducting business in the company for a period of obtaining work permit for a foreign citizen (200€\month);
— trademark registration - trademarks, brands, company logo (from 900€)
— selection and registration of domain in the RU\RF zone (100€)
— services for property appraisal contributed to the authorized capital (from 100€)



For the company establishment we need the following documents and information from you:

— company name in any language;
— amount of authorized capital and how it will be paid (minimum of 10 thousand rubles);
— legal address, where will be the location of the company;
— copy of the passport of the founders, the future director or extract from the trade (commercial) register on the parent company;
— TIN (Tax Identification Number) of the founders and director (if any).


Please note that for the registration of the company, all citizens-founders as well as heads of the founders - legal entities must personally appear before the Russian notary public (simultaneously or separately) and certify the signature on the application for registration of the company. If this is not possible, then we are ready to organize the certification of signature of the founder of the company in any Russian Consulate in your country.



Especially for you we have prepared the Instruction for entrepreneurs who want to set up business in Russia, which will help to answer questions on establishing and conducting business in Russia.


Contact person:

Nikitina Natalia, Lawyer

working languages: Russian and English


+7 4012 52 46 15


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